Oy Vey…

Via nymag.com

A featured speaker in CPAC’s “Saving Freedom for Future Generations” panel this morning (we are subjecting ourselves to all of this for you, readers) was Jason Mattera, the spokesman for Young America’s Foundation, a conservative group whose mission is to inspire America’s youth with the principles of conservatism. How did he go about doing that today? By obnoxiously deriding college courses on feminism. Did you know, for example, that the University of Michigan offers a class on Native American feminism? HA HA HA. You would have to be downright intellectually curious to give a shit about that. Mattera ended this segment of his speech with a joke that used Barney Frank’s gayness as punchline. Great job, Republicans — if it were 1950, you’d have made a lot of new converts today.

Read more: GOP Tries to Win Over Young Voters by Mocking Feminism, Gays — Daily Intel http://nymag.com/daily/intel/2010/02/gop_tries_to_win_over_young_vo.html#ixzz0g0PuhZcy


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