Lend your books!

From the desks of Dr. Foster and Dr. Shew:

One of our recent undergraduate philosophy majors (Spring 2009) is being stationed in Afghanistan beginning in March.  It has come to our attention that books are too heavy and take up too much room to carry to where he will be stationed, and we had an idea:  Why not solicit books from our community to send to him while one of our own is stationed overseas?  We are hoping that you can donate a book or two that we can send to him.

We have learned that books are quite valuable to military personnel, in part because they are so rare.  Thus, books are often read, passed around, shared and discussed when people get them.  Any kinds of books are welcome:  philosophical writings (maybe you have a duplicate copy of a text from a philosophy course, or something you’ve read and would like to pass on to another), novels, short stories, autobiographies, other non-fiction, or fiction.

If you can/are willing to help with this activity, please bring your book(s) to Coughlin Hall.  Both Dr. Shew (127 Coughlin) and Dr. Foster (132 Coughlin) will collect and store the books, which will be shipped to Afghanistan on March 10.  So please have your donations to either one of them in Coughlin Hall by March 9.


One Response

  1. Thanks for posting this notice, L.O.! I certainly appreciate it.

    I will be shipping them out in a week and a half, so anything you’d like to pass along that you find worth reading would be awesome.

    -Melissa Shew

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