Trans Eye for the Cis Girl

Via VH1’s blog:

VH1 and Left/Right Inc. have teamed up to create a new breed of fashion makeover show, Transform Me. Each half-hour episode follows the makeover of one woman badly in need of a transformation–on the outside and inside. The subjects quickly find out this won’t be your typical makeover. They’ll be transformed by three transgender women. The ultra-glamorous makeover team, led by Laverne Cox (VH1’s I Want to Work for Diddy) with Jamie Clayton and Nina Poon, travel across the country answering “style 911 calls” in their deluxe fashion ambulance, helping subjects find the right style–and the confidence that comes with it. The new eight-episode, 30-minute series is set to premiere March 15, 2010.

Yes. Transgendered women named Cox and Poon.

The 21st piece in Thomas Woodruff’s Freak Parade series (now at the Haggerty) is titled Pansy and Faggot, and depcits an anthropomorphicized bundle of sticks and bunch of flowers prancing. At the exhibit’s opening, Woodruff, a gay man, explained he made the piece as a caricature of the caricatured depiction of gay men in Queer Eye, which he equated to the minstrel show for homosexual men. (It bears remembering that up through the 20th century, even African American performers were expected to perform vaudville dances and sketches in blackface.) Though I imagine the show was popular in its native community, similar objections must have been widespread, too.

I expect LGBTple will be similarly divided over Transform Me, though I doubt it will garner the mainstream appeal Queer Eye did. The show and its publicity might make more people aware of trans people’s existence, but give them a skewed perspective. One must still wait for a humane, non-stereotyped popular media treatment.

That being said: Jamie’s really cute.


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