Retired Catholic Bishop Gumbleton: “Bishops are unwilling to take full responsibility”

Via the Tribune:

Following the former auxiliary bishop of Detroit’s presentation, “Justice in the Church and Society,” a man from the large audience in the Weasler Auditorium approached the microphone and raised the issue of clergy sexual abuse.

The man thanked Gumbleton for meeting with him three years ago at a sexual abuse conference and said that a priest abused him as a child. He said he was grateful for Gumbleton’s openness and responsiveness to abuse victims, then asked for Gumbleton’s perspective on the problem.

Gumbleton had strong words for church hierarchy in general.

“Bishops are unwilling to take full responsibility and are not being held fully accountable,” he said. “The church has failed to step up to the challenge.”

“Priests must step up and say, ‘Yes, I did it and I’m sorry,’ but this doesn’t happen,” Gumbleton added. “I can’t think of one case where this has happened.”

Gumbleton said because of the legality of the issue, the victims become seen as enemies rather than victims who should be apologized to and served.


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