“Vagina Monologues” TOMORROW

Eve Ensler’s play that’s TOO HOT FOR CAMPUS  will be performed at 2040 Appts. @ 7 PM Friday, March 5, tomorrow. The suggested donation is $5-$10, with proceeds going to  the UMOS Latina Resource Center of Milwaukee. The Tribune provides some free publicity:

This Friday marks the third consecutive year that Marquette women will gather off campus for a performance of “The Vagina Monologues.”

Empowerment, Marquette’s feminist student organization, has attempted to bring the event on campus, but the university hasn’t allowed it unless performed in the context of an academic setting.

In April 2007, the university approved a performance of the Vagina Monologues, followed by a faculty-led discussion in the Helfaer Theatre. The Honors Program symposium, “An Academic Conversation on Catholicism, Sexuality and Human Rights featuring a reading of ‘The Vagina Monologues,’” included panelists from Marquette’s English, political science and philosophy departments, as well as a theology professor from DePaul University.

“It shouldn’t have to be in an academic context,” said Empowerment co-chair Desiree Valentine, a senior in the College of Communication who is directing the event. “We want it to be recognized as student-run and initiated, which it is.”

“The Vagina Monologues” was first performed in 1996 as a one-woman play by author Eve Ensler. Skits range from the humorous and lighthearted to the more serious. Some contain graphic descriptions of rape, prostitution and the female orgasm.

“There are certain monologues that are more explicit,” said Claire Mysliwy, a junior in the College of Health Sciences and one of 20 Marquette students acting in Friday’s performance. “Some promote sexual freedom. And there are pieces on transgender and lesbian women.”

Marquette’s Student Organization Handbook states, “In those cases where a program, film or printed material is considered to be opposed to the mission of the university, there may be a requirement for the presentation of multiple points of view…”

Which does seem a little antithetical to the point of a University. Spinoza, Marx and Nietzsche are fine for the Catholic classroom, but discussions of lady’s unmentionables at a voluntarily attended forum are not OK? Someone want to explain that?


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