Buffy turns 13!

On this day in 1997, the world met the greatest fictional feminist icon of the later half of the 20th century: Buffy Anne Summers. For seven wonderful and strange, strange years, an indominably strong but human female lead had was a commanding force in the mainstream of the fringe of American popular. As Femmemeister wrote,

  Joss Whedon (creator and writer of Buffy, Angel, and Firefly) first conceptualized the Buffyverse after being sick and tired of the “dumb blonde” getting killed by monsters in horror movies.  Whedon wanted to flip horror on its head, and said in an interview:  “I thought it would be funny to have that girl go into a dark alley where we knew she would get killed and actually have her trash the monster. From that came the idea for Buffy.”

Fans have circulated a list of episodes Whedon apparently listed as the most significant of the series (or at least his favorite):

The Pack



I Only Have Eyes for You

The Wish

The Zeppo



Fool for Love

Tabula Rasa


Conversations with Dead People

My own list is somewhat different:

Lie to Me



The Body

Fool for Love


Weight of the World

The Gift

Once More, with Feeling


Conversations with Dead People


Note the density of Season 5 episodes.

I could go into why I made the choices I did, but then you’d have nothing to discuss in the Post-Midterms Open Thread Free-For All. What are your favorite Buffy memories? What, if any, influence on your political awakening did the show play? When could it have done better?


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