You can’t be a feminist unless you love women…

I had an interesting conversation last night with a friend over dinner. We were discussing our favorite professors and she mentioned a conversation she had with a mutual favorite prof. My friend and the professor agreed that you (in the context of being a woman) can’t really get feminism unless you love women. The love can range from an agape/unconditional sort of love to an eros/passionate love or a philia/familial love.

What do you all think? Can women be feminists if they don’t love women in one way or another?


2 Responses

  1. Honestly, I don’t know how one can “love” a whole socially-constructed category… I sometimes make a general statement that i “dislike girls” when I’m frustrated, but really I’m referring to a certain type of person with certain characteristics that aren’t determined by the fact that they have a vagina…

    That being said, I’d think that the majority of people in the world would have some sort of affection for at least one woman in their life… I could be wrong. Thoughts?

  2. the ‘love’ idea implicit here borders on the idea of ‘value’ for me…and that to be a feminist, you need to value women–not for one static “thing” that they are, but in a way that’s very resistant to the notion of homogenizing “women.” To do this one would need an understanding of the groups’ fluid boundaries, heterogeneity, and dynamism.

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