The health care bill passed.

I’m still highly ambivalent about the whole enterprise. My judgment on the issue has been clouded on both the Eastern and Western fronts. On the one hand, I’ve been unduly sensitive to claims that the bill would adversly effect the private insurance industry, not so much because it represents one-sixth of the economy (a system, incidentially, as large as the entire GDP of Britain), but because my personal economic standing could be effected. (Does that make me a terrible person? Or merely human, all too human?) My father, who pays my tuition, is an accountant for a health insurance agency. I wont’ say for which firm. It’s the 87th largest in the country. Figure it out for yourself, if you’re really curious.

On the other hand, I’ve occasionally leaned towards supporting it, though at the time I admitted the reasons I could give for my support were below the standards I usually set for myself. I think I’ve been unwarrentedly (sic) predisposed towards the bill because A.) common cognitive biases pertaining to support for the people you vote for, and B.) all the bill’s most visible opponents are so aggressively, shamelessly unpleasant and ill-informed, and I didn’t want to be associated with them.

I hope my suspicions are unfounded and it works. Or at the very least, that in this downturned economy, that I can get an internship with the Federal Ministry of Death Panel and Senior Liquidation Services.


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