Rod Dhreher on abuse

As Bill Donahue engages in his usual revisionism and Katherine Jean Lopez tries to blame “doctrinal dissent” and the culture of the 1960’s for rape and coverup in the Catholic Church (as if abuse started in the 1960’s! More likely, a centuries-long wrong is only now being righted), it’s refreshing to see scary-Catholic Rod Dhreher maintain his intellectual honesty:

I believe that Benedict knew perfectly well what was happening with this pedophile priest, and probably every pedophile priest in his archdiocese. It would be very odd indeed if he did not, given the way these things were handled back then. In fact, this might well be the explanation for why he doesn’t move against bishops: because if he believes they must be removed for badly mishandling cases of clerical sex abuse, he risks condemning himself.

People who say the pope should resign are way off base. Popes don’t do that, and besides, are you really going to find another potential pope who didn’t participate in what was apparently a widespread practice re: shuffling around predator priests? Of course, as I said, if Benedict reassigns bad bishops, or accepts many resignations, it raises the question: if he did the same thing, why is he sending them down but not himself?


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