Priorities and perspective

Punishment for publically opposing the revoking of civic marriage rights for same-sex couples? Defrocking.

Punishment for raping 200 deaf children entrusted to your care, most of whom have no means to communicate with the hearing populace?  Protection from civic and ecclesiastic prosecution from the Vatican itself, the right to be buried in priestly vestments, and the burying of the crimes from public knowledge for twelve years.


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  1. Hi all,

    Maybe some readers of this blog would be interested in submitting an essay for an upcoming (April) undergraduate conference through the Philosophy Department. Students need not be philosophy majors to submit essays; students need just submit philosophical essays, or essays on philosophy. Here are the details, and feel free to spread the word:


    Call for Undergraduate Papers

    What: A conference run by and for undergraduate students at Marquette University

    When: Saturday, April 24, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

    Why: To celebrate undergraduate work in all areas of philosophy, and to share this work with others

    Things You Need To Do: By midnight on Monday, April 5, submit an essay on any area or topic of philosophy to Dr. Shew: The essay should be approximately 8-12 pages long (20-25 minutes reading time). Please remove your name from the essay. The paper will be blind-reviewed by a committee of undergraduate students on April 6, and you will know if your essay is accepted to the program by April 10.

    How To Find Something To Submit: Look back through the essays that you’ve written for your classes over the past year, and see which ones you’re proud of, or see which ones you’ve received good comments on from your professor(s). Submit one!

    And: The conference will celebrate graduating seniors in Philosophy, as well as will being the debut for the Philosophy Department’s This I Believe booklet. Also, awards will be given, and the conference will be followed by a reception.

    Thanks much for letting me share. I gathered that it’s best to do so through the comments, so here is my hijacking of this thread.

    -Melissa Shew

    All are welcome to submit essays and to attend the conference. Please direct any questions you may have to Dr. Shew, and thank you for contributing to the philosophical community at Marquette.

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