Do gynos have any business selling sex toys?

Physicians already take flack from some quarters for succumbing to pharmaceutical comanies’ PR campaigns and hoisting possibly unnecessary meds on their patients. This adds an entirely new dimension to product placement in the exam room: Dr. Andrew Schienfeild of New York has a deal with a Swedish sex-toy company to sell their products through his practice. Via Details:

These days the doctor has officially allied himself with Lelo, a Swedish company that designs deluxe, aesthetically gorgeous vibrators, cock rings, and butt plugs, and he’s selling the sex toys directly to patients as part of his medical practice. (So far, though, they are not covered by insurance.) He believes that he’s the first American in his field to do so, and he feels an evangelical sense of mission about it. The way he sees it, spirited erotic exploration is as crucial to a person’s health as nutrition and exercise are. “Sex is a very important part of life,” he says. “These products help us find out what we’re capable of.”

One Response

  1. I don’t have an issue with gyno’s selling sex toys, after all, it is their area of expertise.
    Its the promoting of particular brands which makes me uncomfortable. Surely they should be promoting individual toys that they believe are going to be of benefit to your life. Not a company which has money to make.

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