Humanists’ donation for inclusive Miss. prom rejected for fear of “controversy”

By the ACLfuckingU.

Think about that. The ACLU thought the American Humanist Association was too controversial. 

We’re treat us like we’re so radioactive, you’d think  we’d be developing Marvel Comics-like radioactive superpowers. If I can’t hold office in four states, I should at least get the consolation of invisibility or stretchiness or an ill-defined but endlessly useful Spider-Sense.


4 Responses

  1. apparently the ACLU are cowards.

    o and i want to be able to teleport

    and apparently i shouldn’t bring up my unreligiousness at home….

  2. What four states?

    • A warm cookie for whatever reader answers that question. I *think* about four states technically bar nonbelievers from holding office in their constitution, though the laws aren’t enforced. But just the fact that they’re still on the books is irksome.

  3. Sadly it’s probably more than 4 states….

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