Tiller’s murderer gets life sentence

Via the LA Times:

Scott Roeder, the antiabortion extremist who murdered George Tiller, one of a handful of American physicians who performed late-term abortions, was sentenced to life in prison in a Wichita, Kan., courtroom Thursday and will not be eligible for parole for more than 50 years.

Besides the brute fact of a man’s murder in front of his family, what frustrates me most is Roeder’s choice of targets. The vast majority of the late-term abortions Tiller performed were initiated because either the mother’s life was in immediate danger, or because the fetus was unviable. They’re the “exceptional cases” who all but the most dogmatic abortion opponents would admit as justifiable. (“[T]hese abortions, given their excruciating moral and personal choices, may be the most defensible in context of all abortions,” wrote Andrew Sullivan, who gathered the above-linked anecdotes and himself has a highly ambivalent position on abortion.)


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