Hi, Remember me?

So I’m clearly the bummy one of the bloggers for The Word Warrior. But I’m here to post while I eat easter candy because I don’t actually have real food in my apartment and I don’t want to do either my Marx paper or research for my Philosophy of Science research paper (I’m really good at school).

Anywho, I try to keep my posts (loosely) to the topic of feminism. Let me divert from the norm. Yesterday a friend and fellow philosophy major and I were reppin’ the philosophy major at the Arts and Sciences majors fair along with three professors from the department, and let me tell you, after tasting the sweet, sweet flavor of freedom over break, being rejected from 3 out of 4 graduate schools I have heard from and battling a serious bout of senioritis, I have been revitalized and re-motivated to join the ranks of academic educator. The professors at the booth, not only seemed to throughly like what they do, but also they seemed to enjoy and have fun with their colleagues. They had nick-names for each other, they slept on each other’s couches, they got drinks together and made fun of each other. Those of you who know me in blog-life from other misanthropic complaints I have posted, or those of you who know me in real-life and my general dislike for just about everyone (I am a self-professed equal opportunity disliker) the prospects of wanting to be in the company of others that you are normally forced to mingle with is a rare and beautiful thing.

I will leave you on a feminist note

Lemon Out!


3 Responses

  1. Um…I’m not sure I see the link between feminism and Mugwart.

  2. Ha, clearly another sign I am a bum. All fixed now, thanks!

  3. Actually, I’m the bummier blogger. You see, since I blog more, I bum out more on real-world “important” stuff.
    This cartoon was circulating ’round the blogosphere around the time the first “porn for women” jokes came to 30 Rock, and I thought it was an interesting coincidence:
    (The cartoon, incidentially, is by a man, Randall Munroe.) Some chatter on it:

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