Variety reports that Joss Whedon is “wrapping up the deal” to direct the screen adaptation of Marvel Comic’s Avengers.

Joss directing Robert Downey Jr. and Edward Norton. It would be a hell of a thing.

Who wants to bet he somehow gives Kitty Pryde a cameo? My goodness, that would mean he would work with Ellen Page, too!

That being said…the Avengers mythos doesn’t especially lend itself to Whedonesque themes. It’s a mostly male superhero team. And unlike the X-Men (who exist in the same fictional universe as the Avengers, and for whom Joss has written comics for), its members aren’t mistrusted social outcasts for having powers; they’re actually quite beloved by the mainstream fictional populace. (Their top-billed member wears an American flag as a costume, for god’s sake.)

Correction: He wears an American flag except when he's protesting unrealistic body image-standards as promoted by comic-book art. And yes, the image on the left really was published by Marvel.

If this is true: What will Whedon do with The Avengers?

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  1. he could fly with those pecs

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