“He’s gonna do a good job”

In an interview, Marvel Comics guru Stan Lee commented on the possibility of Joss Whedon directing the Avengers film adaptation:

Q: What do you think of Joss Whedon coming on as director?
Lee: I think it’s wonderful. The man is so talented. He’s really great. He’s gonna do a good job.

Now, it isn’t Lee’s decision, and I’m not sure how “in the loop” he really is on the deal. Lee speaks as if Whedon has definitively been chosen for the project, saying “He’s gonna do a good job,” without qualifying it along the lines of “If he gets it, he’s gonna do a good job.” 

Yet Whedon himself has yet to confirm the rumors.

Still. The endorsement of the creator of the franchise can’t possibly be a bad thing.

Personal Note: I’m following this story out of a loyalty to Whedon. If I didn’t think too hardly about it, I enjoyed Iron Man, but hadn’t been waiting anxiously for sequels until I learned one of my favorite people ever might be directing them.

Also, I am a bad geek and have never made a final commitment in the Marvel v. DC debate. Where DC scores an F in science, Marvel earns maybe a D-plus or C-minus. On the whole, Marvel’s writers have traditionally had a better grasp on the Zeitgeist and pressing social issues. 

Moreover, Marvel’s protagonists have always had a dash more of realism, and better fit within a human scope. DC’s heroes are more archetypically heroic; though this diminishes believibility and vividness of characterization, it provides something I believe necessary to the culture, to our narrative imaginaiton.

Also, DC has Batman.

So it’s a draw.


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