Life Examined undergrad conference SATURDAY

This Saturday, April 24th from 10 AM-4PM in Cudahay rm. 001, graduating philosophy students will be presenting papers “representing various [traditions] and encouraging dialogue within our community.”

It will be edifying. Be there.


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  1. It will be AWESOME.

    I just finished, with Dr. Susanne Foster, putting together the final booklet for This I Believe from the Philosophy Department, which will be debuted at the end of the conference. It is marvelous, and inspired. I think that many of the readers of this blog would love to check it out and snag a copy.

    Thank you so much, again, for advertising this event. This conference is truly a group effort on behalf of many people–undergraduates, graduate students, faculty (including the Chair, Dr. South), and even alum. I myself am over the moon about it, and am excited for the dialogue that our undergraduate papers will inspire. A wide range of philosophical topics and interests will be discussed, and at the end, there will be a delicious spread of food. Lots and lots of food…so much food…

    For those interested, here is a reminder of the schedule:

    Schedule of Events

    10:00: Welcome, by Dr. Melissa Shew
    10:05: Ms. Leah Todd, “Eliminating Expectations”
    10:45: Ms. Katie Holihen, “Freire and Spinoza; Hope and God”
    11:30: Mr. Joseph Platta, “Avoiding Logical Chauvinism: A Critical Analysis of Strawsonian Panpsychism”

    12:30-1:30: BREAK

    1:30: Ms. Carly Krizmanich, “Breaking the Expatriate Glass Ceiling: Defining the Role of Female Managers in Multinational Corporations”
    2:15: Ms. Andrea Carrillo, “Breaking My Nose, Breaking Into Metaphysics”
    3:00: KEYNOTE: Ms. Desiree Valentine, “This is Not a Moral Theory: Decentering Theory for a Globalized World”

    4:00: Debut of This I Believe (introduced by Ms. Jesse Reilly), undergraduate awards and acknowledgments (presented by Dr. Susanne Foster), and reception

    I will now go back to lurking. 🙂

    -Melissa Shew

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