Correlation between Breasts and Earthquakes?

Via []:

Just a few hours into Boobquake day, in which lady activist-of-sorts Jennifer McCreight called upon women all over the world to wear revealing tops to refute the claim of an Iranian imam that promiscuity causes earthquakes, a 6.9 magnitude earthquake has hit Taiwan.


7 Responses

  1. I wonder what would have happened if there was an earth quake this day…plan could have seriously backfired.

  2. pfff. do it again and again

    science is about repetition and getting the same result. So do 100 more of these days and look for correlation or off handed luck that is going to send some backward morons into hyperventilation

  3. Hi Kel,

    It’s called A JOKE.


  4. Another friendly half-kidding methodological discussion:

    McCreight (Jennifurret) responded in the comments.

  5. I wasn’t ripping on LO. I meant the science thing as a way to quiet the people who are going to try to use this to further their own insane ideas. As it basically has to be done now to keep them quiet.

    i can use caps also you know, i just choose not to

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