Family Research Council co-founder caught with male prostitute

The Miami Times is reporting that  George Alan Rekers, a psychologist, ordained Baptist minister, founding board member of the Family Research Council, officer for the gay-conversion outfit NARTH, and expert witness against gay adoption in a 2004 Arkansas court case hired a male prostitute to serve as a “luggage carrier” in a ten-day trip to Spain.

A lot of people on our side will probably be responding to this with unalloyed glee. (I’m so very dreadfully right.) This I would discourage; Rekers is obviously a tortured man who in his five or six decades of life has never reconciled himself to his sexuality, and has devoted a career to sublimating it. Now he’ll probably be getting cold shoulders from his associates and friends, and jeering or threatening letters from his former supporters.

Rekers’ record is loathesome, but his current situation ought to inspire pity.


One Response

  1. This isn’t at all shocking.

    Those who most vehemently oppose seem to have the most “skeletons” in their closets.

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