McAdams, of all people, actually has a rather fair and even-handed evaluation of the O’Brien situation

Fair and even-headed, except for a unsubstantiated claim that O’Brien was an “affirmative action” hire. But at least he didn’t call her a gay fascist.

But still. Jesus Christ. I thought this was graduation, not the apocalypse; I’m compelled to link to Marquette Warrior:

It’s also bogus to say this is a matter of academic freedom. Marquette has always maintained it has the right to “hire for mission,” which means hire people consistent with the claimed Catholic nature of the university. After a faculty member is hired, he or she has the right to take whatever positions he or she wants.

It’s also the case that administrators aren’t the same as faculty. Nobody has an “academic freedom” right to be a dean. Only a right to teach and publish.

However, there is no way around this being a major fiasco. If Jodi O’Brien is not qualified to be Dean of Arts & Sciences at Marquette, she should never have made it to the short list, much less been offered the position.

Thus, if Marquette really wants to hire only Deans who are consistent with the “mission” of the university, they should take the trouble to appoint a committee that believes in that mission.

And if they feel the need to overturn the recommendation of the committee they appoint, they should do it early on (which they have the right to do, because the committee is merely making a “recommendation”).

Instead, we have the administration (and Wild has to take the main responsibility here) accepting the committee recommendation and then weeks later backing out due to pressure from people outside the university.

It’s not just a fiasco. It’s two or three fiascos piled on top of one another.


2 Responses

  1. Fair and even handed are words I can’t even imagine being applied to Prof. McAdams! He is the most biogted and extreme blogger I read!

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