Some important documents from the vetting of O’Brien

Jodi O’Brien’s cover letter, as submitted to one David Meade Fox for her application to the deanship of the Helen Way Kilger School of Arts and Sciences, is available here.

The cover letter doesn’t really tell us anything new, but there is a takeaway: After [postmark] Dec. 7th, 2009 could Marquette administrators claim ignorance of O’Brien’s authorship of at least two pieces on positive experiences of Christian LGBTple, viz. “Wrestling with the angel of contradiction: Queer Christian identities” and “How big is your God? Queer Christian social movements.” 

The 2004  lecture “Seeking normal? Considering same-sex marriage,” the one most often cited by critics of her appointment, does not appear on it. It does, however, appear on the April 2009 version of her Curriculum Vitae, which can easily be accessed by a Google search. (I myself stumbled upon it by accident when I submitted a query for “jodi o’brien how big is your god.” The CV was the very first item to come up.) Presumably, the cover letter and an updated version of the CV would have been submitted together.

In other words, the administration had no excuse for not knowing what she had written, and for not taking that information into consideration when hiring her.

ALSO: Another Important Thing I’ve yet to post is a video of an open forum for dean candidates held Feb. 19, 2010, at which O’Brien spoke at length about her work and answered audience questions about the same. Admittedly, I’ve not yet had the time to watch the whole thing.  

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