MUProtestMay6 going ahead with walk-out tactics

5:27 PM-The Listening Session will beginning momentarily. I’m not attending, because I’m uncomfortable with the tactics my associates will be implementing, viz. repeating by rote the same demands before walking out in small groups.

I had linked to my earlier post on tactical disagreements on a pr-O’Brien/anti-Wild group on Facebook, but that was deleted by a moderator. A student leader of the protest movement later explained she wasn’t trying to censor me, but wanted to keep the walk-out plan secret because she believed it was possible if the session’s organizers knew about it,

a.) the gesture’s effect would be blunted if it were not a surprise, and

b.) they might take measures to prevent its execution.

I obtained a copy of the statement and demands walk-outers will be reciting to Wild:

The time for listening has passed. The time for forgiveness and reconciliation has not yet come. There can be no forgiveness where there is no remorse, and there can be no reconciliation where there is no respect. On those grounds, with the firmest resolution, we make the following demands:

1.) We demand Fr. Wild’s immediate resignation. As the highest and final decision maker [,] he is ultimately at fault. His decision to rescind the offer to Dr. Jodi O’Brien has caused immeasurable damage to Marquette University’s standing as a safe, diverse, and open institution of higher learning.

He’s resigning anyway.

2.) We demand a series of public apologies from Fr. Wild. These apologies should be directed to Dr. Jodi O’Brien, the search committee he as overridden, the Marquette community, and the greater LGBT community. These apologies would be a concrete initial step toward the greater goal of reconciliation and healing from this disastrous decision.

No argument here.

3.) We demand the offer be re-extended to Dr. O’Brien. The rescinding of the offer was unjust. This act would be a crucial step toward rectifying this injustice.

I’m not sure what Marquette could possibly have to offer O’Brien at this point. They’ve already insulted her, already disrupted her life every way they could, and already made it clear her job security is is only as strong as the weight donors lean against it.

I can’t say how many students will be walking out. Each group was comprised of 3-5 members, and recieved one sheet each. The sheet I copied from just now was no. 15, so that’s anywhere between 40-70 students at least.

I will update as more information becomes available.

Update-6:05 PM-The first couple of groups have already left, to be met in the ballroom lobbies to the cheers and applause of a small (but growing) body of students, faculty, and their families. Some small children, presumably belonging to the faculty. Cameraman from indeterminiate network.

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