The most intriguing question and non-answer from tonight’s listening session

Via MUProtestMay6’s Twitter feed from the event:

[Questioner:]was the arch bishop involved? Wild: i am going to decline to answer that.

So very much has fallen at the feet of the Milwaukee Archdiocese this year.

Another MUProtest tweet:

Fr. Wild appears tired.

Protesters I spoke to after the fact were ambivalent about the whole evening. In part, they were unsure where to go from here. But, at the table I where I was sitting at least, there was also a great degree of pity for Wild. This is, inescapably, the note he ends his career on. For all he’s done for the university, few will appreciate it come graduation time, my colleagues agreed. The brunt of the blame has fallen on him, though there are other parties responsible as well.

These were the people demanding his resignation to his face.

Another component of their ambivalence was a fear that their extreme tactics alienated otherwise sympathetic people. They also discussed even more blunt protests they had seen that night; at least one of them was fairly certain she heard someone shout, “Fuck you, Father Wild.”


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