Homophobe Brazilian archbishop: “For the church to accuse its own, that is a little strange”

In this photo taken May 2, 2010 photo, Porto Alegre

(above) Archbishop Dadeus Grings

Via ABC News:

Archbishop [Dadeus]Grings, a 73-year-old priest with conservative views, said the gradual acceptance of homosexuality by the public was a precursor to a possible broad acceptance of paedophilia.

“When sexuality is banalised it is clear that that can have an effect on all cases. Homosexuality is one case. Before, no one spoke of the homosexual. He was discriminated against,” he said.

“When we start to say that they [homosexuals] have rights, rights to publicly demonstrate, in a short time paedophilia will also have rights.”

Archbishop Grings stressed that he condemned the sexual abuse alleged to have been perpetrated by priests against children, saying they were crimes that must be punished.

But he also said the church had difficulty in denouncing such cases.

“For the church to accuse its own, that is a little strange,” he said.

Brazil, the country with the biggest Catholic population in the world, has been rocked by several allegations of priests preying on children.

Grings has also been in the news recently for claiming children are “spontaneously homosexual” and that they need “guidence” to grow up straight, and that most adults are pedophiles.

In 2003, Gring also claimed only one million Jews died in the Shoa, though he later recanted. But last year, he claimed more Catholics than Jews died during the Holocaust, but ‘this isn’t known because the Jews control the world’s media.’


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