MUProtestMay6 planning phone blitz

From a mailing from the administrators of Marquette: Do not discriminate against Jodi O’Brien:

Dear friends and allies,

As you all know,last week, Rev. Robert A. Wild, S.J., president of Marquette University, rescinded an offer of employment as Dean of Arts and Sciences that he had previously made to Dr. Jodi O’Brien of Seattle University. Many of us here at Marquette believe that this rescinding was unjust to Dr. O’Brien, offensive to LGBT people and destructive to academic freedom here at Marquette and beyond.

Please call Fr. Wild, on Friday 14th of May and/or Monday 17th of May to show your outrage at this decision. Below, you will find the demands of the Marquette students who are protesting and seeking to reverse this terrible decision. Feel free to call in support of our demands, or to ask questions about the decision, or to give your opinion. Call as many times as you want. The number for Fr. Wild’s office is (414) 288 7223. It is open between 9.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

Here are our demands:

1. We demand Fr. Wild’s immediate resignation. As the highest and final decision maker he is ultimately at fault. His decision to rescind the offer to Dr. Jodi O’Brien has caused immeasurable damage to Marquette University’s standing as a safe, diverse, and open institution of higher learning.

2. We demand a series of public apologies from Fr. Wild. These apologies should be directed to Dr. Jodi O’Brien, the search committee that he has overridden, the Marquette community, and the greater LGBT community. These apologies would be a concrete initial step toward the greater goal of reconciliation and healing from this disastrous decision.

3. We demand the offer be re-extended to Dr. O’Brien. The rescinding of the offer was unjust. This act would be a crucial step toward rectifying this injustice.

The organizers would probably have liked me to not to disclose their plans. But again, I don’t think think strongarmed tactics are appropriate for this issue. Moreover, it’s very probable Wild’s receptionist and not the man himself will recieve the brunt of abuse.

2 Responses

  1. Bento–what exactly do you think SHOULD be done???

    • I’m honestly not sure. I don’t know if there is anything that *can* be done before graduation. But I do know restating the same scripted demands by rote again and again likely won’t accomplish anything—repetition just makes it easier to tune out. Moreover, I think it discredits our group’s intelligence; it makes our position seem obtuse and dogmatic if we only express it in the same statement over and over again.
      A letter writing campaign—with letters on tactile paper, nonthreatening and reasoned arguments, and conditional promises to withhold donations until X is fulfilled—would seem like a more effective approach. It would force individuals to use their own voice and exercise their own reason, demonstrating that a diverse group of people across religious, political, and sexual orientations oppose Wild’s decision, and leave Wild with physical artifacts to mull over and return to after he’s put them down.

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