Supporters of Fr. Wild to hold “silent prayer gathering” Monday

McAdams passes along a PDF from one Francisco Nava, a Marquette student and president of the Marquette chapter of the traditionalist Intercollegiate Studies Institute:

SUPPORT for Father Wild[,] For Marquette University [,] For Catholic Identity

~Show Yours~

Join us for a public silent prayer gathering Monday, May 17, from 12 noon to 12:30 pm

Wisconsin Avenue in front of the Gesu Church

A Catholic university has the right and responsibility to uphold Catholic teaching. This is not bigotry. This is reason.

The community needs to know there is more than one voice in this debate. (Emphasis in original.)

Nava doesn’t clarify what necessarily is “reasonable” about his position. That isn’t a joke, it’s an honest statement of curiosity. He may very well be alluding to former poli-sci professor Christopher Wolfe’s takedown of O’Brien for her postmodern intellectual commitments (a piece so full of exaggerations and unwarrented assumptions about pomo theorists even I felt compelled to stand up for them):

Many people (understandably) will be up in arms about the fact that Marquette even considered hiring someone whose fundamental personal and scholarly commitments are so completely at odds with Catholic doctrine. But an equally important question is why Marquette would consider hiring someone whose ideas are so ungrounded in reason.It is a striking irony about the contemporary world that popes such as John Paul II (in his encyclical Faith and Reason) and Benedict XVI (in his famous Regensburg lecture) have expended so much effort trying to get modern man to have confidence in reason. Some media reports suggested that Benedict was criticizing Europe for not taking faith more seriously, but he was actually arguing that Europe’s problem is that it isn’t taking reason seriously.


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