In non-Marquette news

I.) Today, the episode of Glee guest-starring Neil Patrick Harris and directed by Joss “My Master” Whedon airs. Which means I have eighteen episodes of Glee to catch up on in nineteen hours.

II.) The British elected a new Prime Minister. Well, not really. Nobody won a majority, so the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats will be forming a coalition government, under the permission of the suddenly relevant Queen Elizabeth II. I am sure she is as surprised as anyone.
I’ve always had a fondness for the LibDems, but the realistic part of me wanted the Tories to win. So this is like the best possible result for me, personally.

II.a) The incoming Tory PM, David Cameron, is appointing Lady  Sayeeda Hussain Warsi chairwoman of the Conservative Party, has appointed the first Muslim woman as a Cabinet Minister in UK history.

III.) Laura Bush, who was always roughy 98 percent more likable than her husband, has now come out for full marriage equality.


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