The pro-Wild/anti O’Brien prayer gathering

12:34 PM 5/17/2010:

I walked past the event at 12:09 PM so I could get a wide perspective and provide a count of attendees congregating before Gesu. I counted no less than 14 and no more than 17 at that time. Precision was thrown off by a group of two women passing by who stopped to pick up some literature distributed from a Manilla envelope from one of the demonstrators.

Believing the event would run until 12:30, I continued walking down Wisconsin to see if the Milwaukee Public Library was open. (It was! ) Then I looped around, hoping to get a sample of their literature, arriving back at Gesu at about 12:20 PM to find that the assembled group had already moved on, ten minutes ahead of schedule.

That’s not to say they disbursed; they could have gone inside Gesu to continue praying, or maybe started off on some sort of march to the Joan of Arc chapel or AMU. Or they could have walked towards their cars to gone home. All I’m  at epistemological liberty to say is that they weren’t there at 12:20 PM.

Update: The text of the literature:

Today’s gathering is about the power of presence. Words are powerful–silence is truly golden, especially when devoted to thoughtful reflection and prayer.

“For where two or come together in my name, there I am with them.”

Matthew 18:20

Please stand silently with us for 15 minutes in support of Father Wild, Marquette, and our university’s Catholic, Jesuit identity, through which we seek the greater glory of God.

The literature says the event was meant to be 15 minutes, but the original flier said half an hour.


One Response

  1. I wonder if Marquette has yet to realize the irony of Cura Personalis and their complete disregard for part of it.

    O well, stuff like this serves as amble fodder for why some people need to grow up.

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