Day Three: MUProtestMay6 still anonymous

Three days ago, a circle of Marquette students and grad students announced their intention to seek legal and academic sanctions against the university for percieved discrimination against Jodi O’Brien. Despite this public announcement of a public endeavor that will touch the lives of everyone connected to Marquette, the students have not made their names public, or answered basic questions about their case (e.g., is Jodi O’Brien involved in this in any capacity?). If they cannot discuss the case for legal reasons (unlikely, because one has been interviewed by the Shepherd Express), they also have not explained this.

I understand that the litigants are seeking to rectify an injustice. But justice without accountability, transparency, and the possibility for public redress is not justice. It is vigilantism.

If you believe yourselves to be in the right, if you think discrimination is something to be stood against with pride, stop hiding in the shadows like one ashamed. MUProtestMay6 organizers, name yourselves now.


3 Responses

  1. Part of the reason they may remain anon. is simply because there are SO many people who are helping with and standing behind the decision to seek legal sanctions. It may just be out of the desire for simplicity.

  2. I would be very surprised if any of them publicly identify themselves with this. Many of this group’s members are graduate students, and I doubt they want their names forever linked via Google with a lawsuit and censure effort against an educational institution — if they’re planning on careers in academia, that is. Not the kind of thing that most hiring committees look kindly upon when considering tenure-track candidates. It would seem almost a minimal qualification for collegiality in academic life that you’ll not try to blackball your own institution, or lead efforts to erode the quality of life within it.

    And if any of the group is reading this, you probably know very well that this is the same mistake that radicals in the late 1960s (for instance, at Cornell) made. Not only doesn’t it work (the lawsuit and censure effort will go nowhere), but it alienates colleagues who are otherwise sympathetic to your cause. The quickest way to discredit your effort is to resort to vandalism, whether of the physical or intellectual type. And that’s what this amounts to.

  3. Agreed April. But I think that many members of this group have the mindset that they are right and no compromise is possible. They feel that they must do whatever it takes to prevail. For them, this is all a matter of justice and anybody who disagrees with their tactics is a compromiser and therefore and aid to bigotry and injustice..

    I find that view far too extreme. But that appears to be the position they hold

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