Day Four: MUProtestMay6 still anonymous

Four days ago, a circle of Marquette students and grad students announced their intention to seek legal and academic sanctions against the university for percieved discrimination against Jodi O’Brien. Despite this public announcement of a public endeavor that will touch the lives of everyone connected to Marquette, the students have not made their names public, or answered basic questions about their case (e.g., is Jodi O’Brien involved in this in any capacity?). If they cannot discuss the case for legal reasons (unlikely, because one has been interviewed by the Shepherd Express), they also have not explained this.

This is unacceptable. You made a public statement about a public action that will affect the lives of everyone connected to Marquette, yet you refuse to take on the responsibilities of a public figure–responsibilities transparency, accountability, and a willingness to engage in meaningful questions about your work. I am asking you nothing more than to accept your actions as your own.

This is getting redundant.

Name yourselves now.


One Response

  1. Were there any protests at graduation? I know some where going to wear pink and/or purple. I think that is a nice gesture and a very respectful protest. I’m all for it. But I certainly hope that nobody did anything to disrupt graduation for others!

    Any news on that front?

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