Organic food

…has no meaningful health advantage over nonorganic food, and never has.


3 Responses

  1. and I quote:
    There is a surprisingly small amount of quality research available. The organic farming industry and popularity of organic products is growing.

    why the hell do they publish this crap anyway if there aren’t many studies to go off of?

    • Pt. 1: There might not be a lot of research, but most or all of it points to no direct health benefit.
      Pt. 2: Just because the popularity of organic food products is increasing doesn’t mean it has the effects its proponents claim it does. The popularity of Scientology has been growing since the 1950’s, but that doesn’t mean the claims in “Dianetics” are true. That just means The Church of Scientology has been practicing good recruiting. There might be another similar effect happening with organic food; as people become more health conscious, more and more might be susceptible to the unscientific claims of organic food-producers.

  2. I would have to disagree– there is evidence that contact w/ pesticides via eating non-organic fruits and veggies can cause cancer.

    Also the article you posted even states: “we do not have enough high-quality studies to say this question has been definitively answered”

    also it would seem that this article is exploring if organically grown produce is more beneficial than non-organically grown produce. “Does organic farming result in produce that is more nutritious? ” This, to me, sounds ludicrous. Why would there be any nutritional benefit gained via organic farming? You aren’t adding minerals or vitamins to the produce.

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