Fear of a Palin planet

John B. Judis passes along a passage from John Heileman and Mark Halperin’s Game Change:

In late October [2008], Obama’s focus group maestro, David Binder, was conducting a session with a group of swing voters in a Cleveland suburb. A middle-aged woman let loose with a string of not-unfamiliar broadsides against Obama. He’s a Muslim. He’s soft on terrorism—because he’s a Muslim. He doesn’t put his hand on his heart during patriotic rituals. We’re not even sure he was born in this country. Binder was confused. This was supposed to be a group of undecided voters. If you think all these terrible things about Obama, he asked the woman, how can you possibly be undecided? Because if McCain dies, Palin would be president, she said.


One Response

  1. And that is why I refused to vote for McCain.

    Though I’m not nearly as brainwashed as that lady….i hope. XD

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