PrideFest 2010 starts today

Probably already started by now, at the Henry Maier Festival Park (Summerfest Grounds) 200 N Harbor Drive.

Tonight, Kathy Griffin headlines, with host Mimi Imfurst, featuring Miss Foozie, Derrick Barry as Britney Spears, Amy & Freddy and Otep, Jade & The Gifted Souls.

Tomorrow, Patti LaBelle headlines, with host Bruce Vilanch, and featuring Charice, Rose Jang and Roslyn Kind.

Sunday, Joan Rivers headlines, with host Robert Verdi, and featuring The Glamazons, and The Joans.

Also, booths galore! And one of the straight women from t.A.T.u. (Considering the duo’s entire schtick was transparent lesbloitation and fauxmosexuality, you’d think a Pride event would be one of the last places they’d be welcome…but whatev. Good to see the LGBT community is forgiving.)


2 Responses

  1. shameless plug time:

    come to the youth area (saturday and sunday between noon and 8pm) and pay $3 to decorate your own t-shirt! or pay $1 to throw a beanbag at a target to dump a bucket of water over yours truly’s head! all proceeds benefit the project q, the youth program of the milwaukee lgbt community center! in addition we have educational games, an art project, trivia, a dance competition and a talent show (all these events are for youth ages 24 and under, but anyone can come do the dunk tank!) the youth area is located across from the harley davidson stage, near the lake!

  2. really, “the project q”? i must be tired. it’s just Project Q. duh.

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