Worldwide BP protest tomorrow

The organizers of the Facebook event have confirmed chapters in the following cities:

• Athens, GA, USA
• Atlanta, GA, USA
• Austin, TX, USA
• Berlin, Germany
• Boston, MA, USA
• Calgary, Canada
• Carol Stream, IL, USA
• Charlottetown, Canada
• Chicago, USA
• Christchurch, New Zealand
• Cincinnati, OH, USA
• Cocoa, FL, USA
• Concord, CA, USA
• Cornwall, Ontario, Canada
• Dallas, TX, USA
• Daytona Beach, FL, USA
• Dixon, IL, USA
• Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
• Greensboro, NC, USA
• Gulf Breeze, FL, USA
• Houston, TX, USA
• Johannesburg, South Africa
• Los Angeles, CA, USA
• Madrid, Spain
• Meriden,CT, USA
• Bonnaroo – Manchester, TN, USA
• Montreal, Quebec, Canada
• Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA
• Napa, CA, USA
• New York City, NY, USA
• North East, MD, USA
• Orange Beach, FL, USA
• Orlando, FL, USA
• Paris, France
• Panama City, Panama
• Port Charlotte, FL, USA
• Portland, OR, USA
• Roanoke, VA, USA
• Sacramento, CA, USA
• Saint Louis, MO, USA
• Salem, VA, USA
• San Diego, CA, USA
• Santa Cruz, CA, USA
• Sao Paulo, Brazil
• Seattle, WA, USA
• Tampa, FL, USA
• Topeka, KS, USA
. Toronto(Etobicoke), Ontario, Canada
• West Palm Beach, FL, USA
• Wilmington, NC, USA

Do your part to make Milwaukee (or whatever place you call your hometown) part of the list.

One Response

  1. What is being protested? I think protests are most effective when they have a real objective. What is it here?

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