Michelle Bachmann, über-protectionist

On what point do Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) and Canadian Maoists agree? Opposition to globalized capitalism. In an interview with talk-radio jockey Scott Hennen, Bachmann said the following:

What really concerned me was Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner said that we don’t want to see one country’s economy doing better than another. What? This is the U.S. Treasury Secretary? We don’t want to see Zimbabwe’s economy do better than the United States? Aren’t we supposed to be about the United States and making sure that our economy can be the greatest in the world. If you look at the G20, what they’re trying to do is bind together the world’s economies. Look how that played out in the European Union when they bound all of those nations economies together and one of the smallest economies, Greece, when they got into trouble, that one little nation is bringing down the entire EU. Well, President Obama is trying to bind the United States into a global economy where all of our nations come together in a global economy. I don’t want the United States to be in a global economy where, where our economic future is bound to that of Zimbabwe. I can’t, we can’t necessarily trust the decisions that are being made financially in other countries.

Um… isn’t a prerequesite of a “greatest economy,” to say nothing of a merely “good economy” or even “functional economy”…trade? With…you know…other countries?


One Response

  1. Lol I was gana say that Bento.

    I wonder how long it will take her to realize that we are already part of a global economy. Or worse yet that we probably trade with bad economies…*gasp*!

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