Neo-Nazis rooting against Germany’s multiethnic World Cup team

Watching fascists squirm is more entertaining than any sport could ever be. Via Der Spiegel:

“I can no longer identify with the national team,” someone calling himself Blaue Narzisse writes, explaining why he isn’t supporting Germany in the World Cup. “The colors black, red, gold are being abused for the mega event by this motley Germany team.” It is a sentiment repeated widely across the far-right scene these days.

Germany may be awash with black, red and gold, as the national flag adorns cars, balconies and pubs. But while most of the country is urging the team on as it faces Argentina in Saturday’s quarter-final, for neo-Nazis it is next to impossible to back a team that includes players with names like Boateng, Özil or Podolski. This German national team is the most ethnically diverse ever, celebrated widely as finally being representative of the wider German society. But to the far right, a squad where 11 of the 23 have migrant backgrounds is no longer really German.”I hope this team is out as early as possible,” writes one commentator on the forum. “Or at least they won’t be world champions with team made up of 50 percent foreigners!” A poster calling himself Nationaler Democrat writes on another site: “This multiculti troupe with the label ‘national team’ doesn’t interest me any more.” “Özil, Khedira, Cacau, Podolski can go jump in the lake. And we don’t need them, the others are good enough,” writes NSRealist.

Jonas Gabler, a researcher into the far-right and football, [said] that the new multicultural national team makes it extremely difficult for the right-wing extremists to identify with it. “It is an expression of the new understanding of the nation, something the far-right don’t accept at all,” he told SPIEGEL ONLINE. “Citizenship is not based on ethnic background but on the constitution, it is enough to accept Germany’s Basic Law to be German.” And that is something that the far-right have a huge difficulty accepting.

As much as this warms my heart, I’m still rooting for Holland. Without actually watching the games.


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