Harry Potter actress’ father, brother threaten “honor-killing”

Via the Zap2it via Hemat Mehta:

The 22-year-old actress’s father and brother have been charged with threatening to kill her, says the Daily Mail. The altercation occurred at the family home in Manchester, England. In addition to threatening her, Afshan’s brother, 28-year-old Ashraf, is also accused of physically assaulting Afshan and “causing her bodily harm.”

According to People [Magazine], Afshan’s Muslim family was angry about her relationship with a Hindu man…

Afshan is said to be staying with friends in London.

The NY Post  Afshan herself:

Ashraf told the Daily Telegraph that the family will suffer as a result of the scandal.

“We are going to get trouble from the community now,” he said. “It is bad news for our safety, her safety.”

“Her career could be ruined. When she goes to a premiere or something, they are going to ask her about this, not the film,” he added.

“My younger brother is going to get harassed at college,” Ashraf said. “All our family is going to be harassed by the community because of this.”

It might be somewhat callous to say this, but some great good could come out of this great evil, if Ashraf is willing to talk about her situation. She could be the catalyst for an open discussion about the violent traditionalism in unassimilated Middle Eastern, Southeast Asian and African communities–and be an inspiration to the tens of thousands of women and girls living under Sharia-inspired domestic tyranny.


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