The failure of American evolutionary education

Thanks for ruining my evening, Jerry Coyne.

As of 2008, 149 years after the publication of The Origin of Species and 83 years after the Scopes trial, the curriculums of only four (4) states in the US explicitly mention human evolution in science standards.

One in six high school biology teachers believes in young-earth creationism, as does 47-48 percent of the general population.

The only thing that can cheer me up now would be videos of cats in boxes, and pictures of stuff on cats. Wait, what…thanks, Jerry Coyne!


One Response

  1. Step 1: Remove Francis Collins from the NIH
    Step 2: Kill the notion of NOMA
    Step 3: Continue education and force people to actually learn. Yes this means forcing people to learn something they find offensive. If I have to deal with our insanity you will deal with my rationality.

    Step Probably not ever going to happen: Remove anyone with creationist leanings from the System.

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