The Tea Party movement is never going away

It’s getting its own Congressional caucus headed by–who else?–Michele Bachmann. She made the announcement as only she could, in a shaky video that zooms in way too close on her CRAZY EYES and FLASHING WHITE TEETH, all before a stark white background and under sickly green-tinted flourescent light. (The venue, cinematography, and Bachmann’s screen presence all seemed to be working to suggest, “This is the Tea Party future!”)

Last week, Bachmann said Obama’s statecraft was turning the USA into a “nation of slaves”. (I wish I could say that was the most racially insentitive thing to proliferate the blogosphere that week, but it wasn’t, by a longshot.) It inspired a typically great Sara Benincasa video, this one which perfectly captured the self-pitying victim politics and self-righteousness of the TPers.  But even Ms. Bennincasa couldn’t undo the sadness.


One Response

  1. I vote we make anyone who wants to be part of the government pass a sanity test. A real sanity test, adherence to reality and what not.

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