Four pressing suit against IL priest

(above) Daniel McCormack


A civil lawsuit was filed Monday against former Chicago priest Daniel McCormack, the Chicago Archdiocese and Francis Cardinal George.

There are four boys named in the suit and sources tell WGN News they are all relatives.
The alleged abuse happened five years ago when McCormack was pastor of St. Agatha’s and was the basketball coach. The Chicago Tribune reports that the young men are now 15 to 23 years old. Two of them alleged McCormack inappropriately sexually touched, rubbed and/or abused them more than 100 times.

It was at St. Agatha’s on the west side that McCormack molested five other boys.He has finished his sentence for those crimes and is now in a mental institution after being declared a sexually violent person. WGNTV News contacted the Archdiocese of Chicago for a response and have not heard from their spokesperson yet.Francis Cardinal George said in the past that he is reaching out to victims of priest abuse. But Barbara Blaine of SNAP says there has been minimal effort by the archdiocese and says children who speak up are still ostracized by the Catholic Church.


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