“Dollhouse” s. II DVD to include mini-comic book

Damnit, this is totally worth getting excited about, because

i.) It’ll be awesome. It’s by Maurissa Tancharoen-Whedon and Jed Whedon, the a pair who proved to be the strongest writing entity on the show. And it will revolve around Felicia Day’s Mag’s post-apocalyptic antics; the 2019-world was vivid, but painted with minimalist strokes. I’m eager to see Tancharoen and Whedon continue world-building and elaborating on the setpiece which so brilliantly took the implication of the show’s driving technology to its logical limits.

ii.) We don’t know if or when the next Mutant Enemy production will happen.  After two delays, Cabin in the Woods still doesn’t have a release date, and the open secret of Joss’ helming the Avengers movie has never officially been confirmed–although Edward Norton’s being fired from the hypothetical project totes is. Grr. Arrgh.


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