Vatican to defrock practicing gay Roman priests

The Italian magazine Panorama recently published an expose on the subculture of Roman priests who frequent gay sex clubs. The Vatican has promised to seek out and defrock any clergyman to be connected to the story.

So why, after ten years of having the conspiracy out in the open, hasn’t the Magisterium made a similar promise to seek out and expell pedophiles? The promise to expell Rome’s cruisers was made immediately upon publication of the article; but an accusation of pedophilia initiateds a process of review that can take a decade to produce a quiet, private defrocking, if one happens at all.

Why is this? Because many church administrators, up to and including the highest office, have for decades been sitting on their knowledge of their own participation in actively covering up abuses.  To move against any abuser or concealer of abuse, they would be indicting themselves. The thing really paramount to them, their first and last obligation, is protecting themselves, and by extension, the image of their institution. Even the expulsion of the priests featured in the Panorama piece is framed in image-control terms. Via the above linked Newsweek article:

Cardinal Agostino Vallini, head of the Rome diocese, is in charge of purging the offending clerics, and he has called on all gay priests who cannot respect the basic tenet of celibacy to get out of the priesthood. “Priests who are living a double life have not understood what the Catholic priesthood is and should not have become priests,” he said in a statement responding to the Panorama expose. “Consistency demands that they be discovered. We do not wish them ill, but we cannot accept that because of their behavior the honor of all the other priests is dragged through the mud.” [Emphasis mine.]


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