Sharon Angle does not understand the purpose of a free press

…or she does, but doesn’t care for the notion because it doesn’t serve Sharon Angle. She thinks news outlets should be the “friends” of politicians, so they should only “ask the questions we want to answer” so they can “report the news the way we want it [reported].”

Angle, modeling herself after Sarah Palin, has isolated herself from all inquiries by the mainstream media, and restricted her Q&A sessions to sympathetic organs like talk radio or Fox News. Famously, she fled her own press conference attended by reporters she invited before answering any questions.

This is nothing if not un-American. The free press was intended to be the citizen’s most powerful check on the power of elected officials, a means by which to report exactly what government officials wanted to keep silent. In the words of the Tea Partier’s favorite Founding Father,

“I am persuaded that the good sense of the people will always be found to be the best army. They may be led astray for a moment, but will soon correct themselves. The people are the only censors of their governors, and even their errors will tend to keep these to the true principles of their institution. To punish these errors too severely would be to suppress the only safeguard of the public liberty. The way to prevent these irregular interpositions of the people is to give them full information of their affairs through the channel of the public papers, and to contrive that those papers should penetrate the whole mass of the people.” –Thomas Jefferson to Edward Carrington, 1787.


One Response

  1. Good going Sharron,you don’t need to talk to the MSM.They will just make stuff up and edit to benefit their agenda.
    Go where you can get a FAIR INTERVIEW.

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