“This is America. Our commitment to religious freedom must be unshakable.”

Obama finally comments on the Cordoba House:

It strikes me as illiberal that not only does our culture need a discussion about the facility; but we also need our president to mediate it. It’s another illustration of the cult of the presidency, the elevation of what was conceived as a fairly humble office into an avatar of the Geist of the whole nation and unitary power onto himself (or, hypothetically, herself). But that’s where we are. And though some have criticized Obama for taking his time in commenting on the issue, one can at least say he chose an ideal venue–an iftar for DC Muslim leaders–and came down on the right side and did so gracefully, acknowledging the “hollowness” of Ground Zero, but also the hollowness of the first freedom.


6 Responses

  1. By the very nature of his “side” being the side opposed to America it cannot be the right one. Treason is never right and it is never forgivable nor to be ignored or unpunished.

    Americans are firmly against the atrocity that the Islamists plan. If Obama isn’t likewise against it then he is the avowed enemy of America and should be treated accordingly and with all due dispatch – along with any foul filth who agree with him.

    • Yes. Obama is a traitor for being the only president after 9/11 to reach out to Muslim citizens–except for the other one.

  2. There’s nothing inherently wrong with a POTUS “reaching out: to Muslims. What’s wrong is supporting them in the efforts in contravention of the will of the American people – especially when that support is for an atrocity such as their Cordoba House.

  3. The president isn’t bound to serve “the will of the American people.” He is bound to uphold the Constitution, even when doing so involves the enfranchisement of minorities in such a way that is offensive to the majority. Civil liberties were designed to protect unpopular opinions and decisions. If we arbitrarily decide not to apply them to actions we acknowledge are otherwise legal but offensive to us, we betray not only quintessentially American principles, but both the letter and spirit of the Constitution.
    By acknowledging the Rauf’s and the rest of the Cordoba Initiative’s legal right to build the facility on the grounds of property rights and freedom of religion, Obama is doing nothing less than his job. More broadly, he is enfranchising moderate Muslims by showing the US is not at war with Islam, but is receptive to their efforts to assimilate within the US’s values. I think that’s what the Cordoba Initiative is making a genuine effort to do, repudiating the 9/11 hijackers and what they stood for by building an open-door community center in the vicinity of Ground Zero. That’s why I’m not offended by Codoba House; I think the general area of the WTC is the only place constructive Muslims could extend an olive branch like this and have it resonate.

    • Deliberate provocation is your idea of the behavior of “constructive Muslims?” I’d hate to think what it takes for you to consider them destructive?

      But believe as you wish; it really doesn’t matter in the long run. I trust the American people to do the right thing in this matter.

      • As I explained above, I don’t think the intention behind the site is provocation at all. It seems infinitely more likely to me that Cordoba’s donors would spend $100 million as an investment in their peoples’ future in the US, than a $100 million, 15-story middle finger.
        What exactly do you mean “I trust the American people will do the right thing in this matter?”

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