A correctalysis to a refudiation

 Leaving aside the moral ramifications of the Afghanistan documentation dump for the time being: Does anyone want to tweet @Sarah Palin to tell her that Julian Assange is an Australian? That is, he has never lived under the jurisdiction of the First Amendment?

But at this point, what good would it really do? Making one observation about one factual error in one Palin statement wouldn’t do any good. Her entire temprament ensures her intellectual laziness, which cannot in of itself be improved by incidential corrections. She is incurious, disdainful of learning, and decidedly un-Socratic in her incapacity for defining the limits of her knowledge and understanding (“Mama bears just know” what they can’t produce falsifiable information for to prove or disprove a proposition), and most importantly simply indifferent to truth and falsity even when going on the public record.


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