What Christine O’Donnell and Kant have in common

One has an electable face; the other does not.

Not courage and verve; O’Donnell is unwilling to even answer unscripted questions, let alone implore voters to Sapere Aude!

Nor idealism; having made no statements to suggest the contrary, we can assume the Delaware Republican US Senate candidate believes in the existence of time, space and causation independent of observation. 

Certainly not scientific acumen. Whereas Kant advanced daring hypothoses in seismology and astronomy and anticipated anthropology, O’Donnell cannot even make sense of recent scientific reporting, claiming researchers had “cross-bred humans and animals” producing mice with “fully functioning human brains”. In fact, biologists had simply transplanted nonfuctioning cells into lab mice, which left the animal’s intelligence totally unaffected.

 Nor, as far as we know, are both afflicted with constipation.  

But neither the Prussian or the tea-partier would lie to save a life.

Also, both he and she have categorically denounced masturbation.


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