something to lighten your day

Hello Word Warrior readers. It’s been a while. But I’m back (kind of), and I have a little something for you all.

After a day of depressing classes like, French Existentialism ( we basically argue whether or not suicide is a good solution to life), Russian Literature: Nickolai Gogol (the man starved himself to death after burning his manuscript entitled Dead Souls), and Foundations in Contemporary Art (ok, so there’s nothing depressing about that). I like to sit down and watch a few viral videos on youtube. Here’s one for you all. It’s an oldie, but a goodie.

He’s a very loving cat indeed.

Here’s another one. This guy’s no Sarah Haskins, but he’s still pretty funny.

If you don’t like watching dumb QVC guys getting stabbed with a katana on accident, don’t watch this next video.

It got me good.

Here’s a nerdy history video, via Caroline Corcos.

yeah, ‘Merica!

In this next video, Captain Kirk gets weird with KoKo the Gorilla.

And for the finale… My sophomore year roommate’s favorite Picnicface video. I pretty much know the whole video by heart, I heard it every night of second semester.

I hope you all loled at least once.



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