A pluralistic universe?, ctd.

A while back, I passed along an article on a recently published article reporting on a possible variance in a supposed constant, which might mean physical laws might vary throughout the universe. One physicist says this is almost certainly not the case.

The biggest criticisms that most people have made is that it’s possible that Webb and his collaborators haven’t correctly analyzed the errors in their measurements and his “signal” is really “noise.” This is a totally fair criticism, and if you ask me, it’s one most likely to shake out of all of this. One possibility (which the team discusses but dismisses) is that it’s possible to get the same sort of result that the UNSW team found if some of the clouds had very unusual isotope ratios. Very unusual.

Others have noticed that the UNSW team got very lucky with the orientation of their telescopes and the variation of the FSC. The first set of observations are taken in the North, were the FSC is apparently lower than on earth, while the second set of observations are taken in the South where the opposite is true. As it happens, where the two sets of measurements overlap (near the equator) the signal is just about zero. Of course, this doesn’t disprove anything, but it’s suspicious because it’s unlikely that the FSC signal just happened to line up with the orientation of how the team took their observations.


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