Dude Be Crazy

Via Chicago Suntimes Roger Ebert’s Blog:

“It’s one of the strangest stories, I gotta tell you, that we’ve reported on recently,” says Anderson Cooper — and man, is he correct.

Watching this video is hypnotic. Michigan Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell has launched a frenzied web assault on the president of the University of Michigan student body, a man he asserts is “Satan’s representative on the student council.”

Study Shirvell closely here. You may, as I do, see a prim, repressed, rigid fanatic.

As Cooper pointedly asks, would you want this man representing you? Cooper refers to Shirvell representing a hypothetical gay person. I am straight, and I gotta tell you, I wouldn’t even want to be on the same internet with him.


Shirvell doesn’t seem to actually grasp the fact that Armstrong is not a political figure in the sense that Shirvell wants him to be. He was not elected by public citizens, but by students at the University of Michigan. I am just wondering how Shirvell isn’t getting in legal trouble for libel and slander.


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