Prostitutes of God

VBS tv, the video brance of Vice Magazine, has made a documentary about sex workers in India, the Devadasi, who are dedicated to to a specific deity and serve the deity. Originally the devadasi served as ritual dancers, but this practice has turned into young women being dedicated into sex work. It can be watched here.

There are a few commenters on the website that say that the documentary unfairly represents the devadasi. While there is always a risk of patronization and colonialist sentiment when making a documentary like this one, the video (which can be watched below) that is in response to the documentary doesn’t present good arguments for how and why the documentary wrongfully portrayed the devadasi. In fact one of the commenterrs (Raju, the man who’s mother was a devadasi) enforces the documentary’s point that women turn to this line of work to support their families and should not have to become sex workers in order to make a living.


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